Chapter 28

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Jerry gives his reason for leaving. (In his own words)

The main reason I left was because the only time I had with my kids were on the weekends, which of course was when the band was out of town, so I felt like I was sort of losing touch with my kids. That was compounded by the fact that I wasn't happy with the way things were in the band at that time. Do you remember the trip with what has become known as the Great Cheeseburger Squashing Incident? That was the same trip that you sort of freaked out at the show we traveled to do (maybe because of sound issues) and shut the show down and a lot of people were asking for their money back. I remember thinking how leaving my family at home to deal with that stuff just didn't seem worth it. I feel close enough to you to say that I thought you were out of control and bringing the band down with you.

I didn't agree that your sermons were lasting longer than our shows. I felt like you were talking so long after shows that it was hurting the attendance and quality of shows, and therefore hurting our chances to minister to people. I felt like you weren't into playing anymore, and was using the band as a means to preach.

Apparently, I was wrong about you not wanting to do this anymore, because I know how hard you worked on Fist Full Of Bees. And, I think that if you were out of control at that time (which was my perception), I think it was a phase, although you've always been, and remain, pretty controversial in this "Christian Market".

After the weekend where I made up my mind that I was quitting, I think I called you the Sunday we got back and told you. I called Troy first, because I thought he'd be more levelheaded about my decision, and I felt that he was feeling some of the same things that I was. I remember that I couldn't stand the weight of my decision hanging over me, so I left my table at a restaurant where I was eating with my family, went to a pay phone and talked to Troy, and then I called you right after from the same pay phone.

I've totally had second thoughts about my decision since I left. Most of the best experiences I've had were with you guys. But I think in the end, it was a question of priorities. If I didn't have my kids ONLY on the weekends, I might not have left.

Again, the underlying reason for my leaving was my kids. I had to weigh the trade off of me not spending ANY time with my kids to what was happening with the band while we were out. It just didn't seem worth going anymore.

When I left we were still on Organic. I met Claudia while we were still on the Drop tour in '96. I remember talking on the phone to Claudia from the control room at the Sound Kitchen while we were recording Jesus Experience. We got married in Feb. of '98. Was that before or after Oddities? I think that maybe it was before.


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