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BRIDE- Here Is Your God (2020) CD

This CD is now available for Pre-Order. The estimated release date is summer 2020. We have been writing and recording now for the past 6 months. Finally, all tracks are complete and have been sent to be mixed. We are excited about this new project and hope you are too. There are 4 different levels of support simply because some are able or want to donate more than the minimum. Regardless of the level in which you choose to support, you will receive a CD after it has been manufactured and will receive links that will allow you to listen to the songs as they have developed. By pre-ordering, you help us cover the costs of recording, mixing, mastering and manufacturing this project. It is your support that allows us to keep writing and recording. Choose the level of support from the drop down below that you are able to give. Thanks, Bride

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To order Incorruptible, Click Here

Dale has written two books, which can be downloaded in a PDF format, Click Here

Lost Reels I, II and III have been remastered to sound better than ever. If you do not already have these CDs, you can order them now. Click Here



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